“Image made an oath to Witness any things in it’s sight, things which interacts with reality of life. This realities couldn’t be embodied in art nor the context but in communicative realm as links between people, which fills the empty gap around them.”
Elizabeth Eastlake

about Me

The history of NIMKA Studio dates back to 2004, but in 2013, it started its work seriously by the artistic couple, Farzad Baqerzadeh with orientation to architectural and commercial photography, in Tehran, and finally the name of NIMKAT professional photographical studio was registered in the centre of Iran intellectual property. Now, it is giving service to dear customers in major economical cities such as Tehran, Mash’had, Shiraz, Kish and Karaj.

One of my pleasures is cooperating with prominent brands in the field of hospitality industry and interior bodies in the field of furniture and household products whose names are available in website. The concessionaire and photographer of NIMKAT studio is Farzad Baqerzadeh who studied Visual Communication for B.A at Ferdows University; and at Tehran University of Art he obtained his M.A for photography. He also is a Member of National Iranian Photographer's Society، member of Iranian Advertising-Industrial Photographers' Society and also only member of association of independent architectural photographers from Iran.

The milestone of my work, in the field of commercial and architectural photography, is focusing on creating images with a new approach to culture and contemporary art and academic learning. Meanwhile, I always strive to help you and all dears who require photographical services with sufficient standards in this field to:

1- Reach better cognition of products and service strength

2-Present a novel form of their works and products

3-Accordingly, be introduced to the business market and especially to Target Society with focusing on unique characteristics, different from other rivals.

Bear in mind that each photo can include high quality and obey basic principles of aesthetics in photography, but necessarily it cannot introduce unique characteristics of your products and services to the Target Society. In NIMKAT, each customer faces us to a new challenge in the field of photography to think about a novel objective product together and test our creativity and we glory in presenting photos with unmatched method and a work deserving artist’s view.

Lastly, I hope, via providing the best services, I can respond to your trust perfectly. If you like, you can visit my works in the Gallery part of my site, and by following connecting ways, give me your suggestions and criticisms which help me in our way. Be sure that NIMKAT is a safe and calm place for the interchange of cultures between you and me.

نشانی: کرج، مهرشهر، بلوار ارم، بلوار آزادی، فرعی اول، مجتمع تندیس
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